Our top 10 YouTubers for children!

We love YouTube and there are so many amazing creators that these are our top 10 for kids!!

1. Shot the Yeagers

This is a big family with a mix of vlogs and skits! They are amazing, funny and kind family.

2. That Youtub3 family

These are great for entertainment from pranks to skits.

3. JustJordan33

She’s the second oldest daughter from That YouTub3 family, with her own slimetastic channel.

4. GamerGirl

Karina is from sis vs bro and is fantastic if your children are into gaming but you don’t want them watching any of the scary stuff.

5. CookieswirlC

She is the best for the lol doll openings and now even gaming!

6. Sis vs bro

Is a brother and sister team who make enjoyable challenge videos.

7. Norris nuts

These are just as much my favourite as they are the kids!

8. Jojo

She maybe loud she maybe in your face, but she is a great one for kids. To say she’s 15 and still acts like a child, is amazing as everyone else is growing up too fast!!

9. Toys and me

If I’m honest I’m not a fan, weird right! But she is not a negative influence and our girls love her.

10. Life with brothers

2 sisters who do a lot of challenges 😊

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