What comes in the weekend box club’s subscription box?

We have had an amazing box sent to us for the girls to try. We had so much fun with it, even though we had the activity book with amazing instructions. Bella decided to run in her own, which shows her uniqueness. Jasmin loved following the instructions with amazing results.

Check out our YouTube video of us opening up our weekend box

When Bella opened her first pack it contained a biscuit, marshmallows and white chocolate. These were provided to make yummy rocky road snow bites. But in Bella fashion the items were good enough on their own.

Then Bella opened a her envelope and in it was the most exciting thing ever! These were meant to be used to make pop up penguins but again in Bella fashion they made a penguin monster. Check out our YouTube video to see what Bella was so excited about.

Jasmin loved opening her first one especially as it had glitter in and fake snow. She got straight into making her snow flakes. These ended up looking perfect and I was so surprised that the fake snow was salt.

Jasmin’s next one I never ever thought of ever doing was using a balloon to make an ice candle. This was amazing apart from Jasmin broke it when we were taking it out. Check out our Instagram TV to see the candle.

This product is amazing and the low price of £8.95, for all these items. Click on the link to buy.



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