We don’t celebrate valentines!

As we watch many couples post and buy each other gifts! Is this how love is portrayed!

Anth and myself have been together nearly 15 years, yet we have only ever celebrated once. You might be shocked at that, yet we are more in love than most we know.

So on average people spend £70 on Valentine’s Day, that is a family day out. To us that is more romantic than something that will only last a day. Yes there will be the memory there but there won’t be the smiles of our family together.

Romance is different for everyone, for myself it’s the cuddle from behind whilst washing up, it’s the stroking of the hair whilst watching a film or even the random making of food. It’s the small things that most miss and take for granted.

Another way we have been romantic throughout the year is presents that mean something. Random photos being made, gifts that mean more than anyone will understand and again the small things.

For people to show they love you it doesn’t always mean money. Sadly this has been extremely forgotten, but it is very true. I personally watch relationships where it’s all about money and they place more effect in the small things with their friends than there family or even in the extended family. These relationships just look miserable, even the photos that are made to look perfect on social media, look in their eyes.

This sadly isn’t a social media thing and dates back since the beginning of time. Hopefully once people start to appreciate the small things they will find true happiness in the big things!

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