Is technology taking over our children?

As I sit here 2 girls sit on their laptops and 1 is sitting on her phone. Husband is extremely anti technology, where as myself I love it.

Yes, technology sadly has opened doors for many disgusting people. As well as people that enjoy to see people in misery, when they are enjoying their selves. Not forgetting that people can now express their feelings freely, which are extremely negative.

Now let’s look at the positives, children get to learn new things whenever they like. As long as you understand how to use your device this can be amazing. By this I mean understand how to block sites, put parental restrictions on and not forgetting you have spoke to your child about what’s wrong and right.

For YouTube there is apps like YouTube for kids. This is not perfect as especially as it can be trick by people putting videos up that seem fine within the first minute. If you find one of these videos, report it to YouTube then blocked that channel.

Obviously when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, don’t forget to discuss with your children about wrong and right. One of the most important chats I had with my girls is understanding majority of what is placed on these is not the full story. This is important for everyone to understand not just children to be honest. We have actually found our children understand this better than most adults.

The other thing can be support, I find a lot of parents get envious of their children speaking to someone else and especially that they don’t know. But as I have found personally this can be amazing especially when they feel no one close to them may understand. This I have seen when people have lost children or like myself when everyone is against a lifestyle choice you’ve decided on.

Should we control our children from technology just because as parents we don’t understand it and are not discussing with them how to stay safe.

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