How to get alone time when a homeschooling mum!

Well as we know motherhood is hard, imagine how hard it is for a homeschooling mum. Our children do not leave our sides other than when they go to their social events. Yet this is the most amazing thing is you see everything your child does.

Imagine your child having a rough day you’ve forced them into school. They sit in the corner not wanting to interact all day, but they are forced to play, work and eat. Now let’s think of you as an adult, if you were having a bad day what would you say to your manager forcing you to interact?

Well even though this is amazing to prevent our children from this pressure, we sometimes want mum time. These are my ways I get my alone time.

1. Cleaning, yes that’s right I clean to get my alone time. The girls are amazing at playing together so I will disappear in the kitchen or upstairs and have music on whilst cleaning.

2. Reading a book, whilst the girls are doing their group work I will sit and lose myself in a good book.

3. Bedtime, even though most nights we are co-sleeping to begin with, with Bella. We are slowly getting alone time.

4. Cooking, even though often the girls will help me with cooking from time to time it’s nice to leave them and Anth chatting, whilst I have the music on and cook away.

5. Bath, my most favourite time and it can be up to an hour that I’m in the bath, but it is amazing how refreshing this is for the body and soul.

If you have any alone time tips please comment them below.

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