How to start homeschooling

One of the main questions I get asked is, how did you start homeschooling?

There is multiple reasons for parents to decide homeschooling. Some do because of their own experiences of school, or there is the major one of bullying, or like myself you feeling schooling doesn’t suit your child. Yet this does not cover every reason that a parent decides to homeschool.

When we first homeschooled the girls due to the school not dealing with bullying. We reluctantly placed them back into school, and now we have realised our children do not suit school system. To be honest neither does our family, with rules like for absence etc.

As we had been homeschooling before I knew all we had to do is send in a letter. Some schools are ok and just simply deal with it others are not as easy going. This link is to a fantastic homeschooling blog and can help you with writing this letter if this is the route you wish to follow. 

Please, remember this choice may also not be accepted by family and even friends. This could even cause issues within the family as in not ever really talking about the children’s education.

If, you are joining Facebook groups you will see a lot of negativity surrounding the LA (Local Authority) and Social Services. Living in Cambridgeshire, we have been extremely fortunate and found them to be understanding. Do not take the stories in these groups lightly though as they are very real, sad but true.

I’m not going to make a comment on resources as we do not use the same ones, this is because of the fact the girls love to learn something new everyday. If, you check out our YouTube channel you will see how amazing our journey is.

Please note this is England and there is different rules for every part of the world. This includes different parts of the UK.

Written by Amy Carney

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