Things I wish I knew before homeschooling

So as we all know there are things we all wish we knew before doing most activities. Homeschooling is certainly one, even though there is an amazing community, sometimes we have to find things out the hard way.

Shock and dislike

When you remove your children from school or first tell your family and friends that you’re now homeschooling, do not expect them to understand. I have not got much family left, but the ones I do were extremely judgemental towards the idea. School well your child means money to them so they will not want them leaving anytime soon.

Feeling alone

Because Nearly everyone is so dead against homeschooling this can make you feel alone and that you’re not thinking about what is best for your child/ren. This is certainly not true many children do not suit school and thrive in an environment where they can ask questions without feeling judged.


I thought it will be amazing and we can get up each day and decide what we would like to do then! Nope I was wrong, when we do it this way often we feel like what’s the point. I’m not fully into this unschooling and believe children do need lessons on any questions they ask.

Getting out in winter

Without a massive hall, I find is extremely hard to get out and do pe in winter. This one I certainly still haven’t fully cracked as I don’t think the wii can count as pe. But hopefully soon I will find away, if you’re a homeschooling mum or dad and can help answer that I would be so grateful?


My girls are still extremely social, having friends over to sleep or going to theirs. Whenever we go out and about they talk to people. Even Jennifer is more social, well when she takes the hood down! The only thing is they have to work harder at these friendships. This means things like ensuring they stay in contact with them. Jennifer is naturally anti social so this is harder for her than Jasmin. But fortunately she has an amazing best friend. But the thing I find most amazing is unlike myself they are comfortable in their own company and don’t need others to make them happy.

I am still homeschooling my 2 eldest as it suits us all better, Bella is still at school. This is just to prepare people that not everything is perfect and what may help them when or if they do it.

Written by Amy Carney

3 thoughts on “Things I wish I knew before homeschooling

  1. So, a few things helped me with PE in winter. First, jumping on the bed while doing math problems (took care of PE and math at the same time). I know jumping on the bed doesn’t feel like PE, and you have to be willing to sacrifice your bedsprings a bit, but it was worth it for us because it had that activity.

    Also, we came up with a living room game with a nerf ball and a laundry basket and painters tape. We put the basket next to the wall (there was nothing on that wall save a window, but it’s hard to break a window with nerf). Several feet away from the basket we put a line of painters tape on the carpet. One person stood as a goalie in front of the basket (if it was me, I knelt to make it more fair). The person stood behind the tape and tried to throw the ball into the basket, while the goalie blocked. Any time the ball when in the basket the goalie would grab the ball and switch places with the other person (and could throw as soon as she/he was behind the line, which made that part fast and actually that’s where most of our energy was burnt). And it just kept going until we were too tired or until someone reached a certain score we decided on beforehand.

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