Our top 10 free places in and around Ely, Cambridgeshire

Let us know what your favourite is!


Our least favourite, yet we still enjoy to go there, is Paradise Park. This is a place we go to on a very rare occasion if you follow our YouTube channel you will regularly see that.


Next is High Barnes this is not enjoyed by the older girls, as the times we have gone it has been raining 😱


The next one is river walks, as here in Ely we are fortunate to have a beautiful river. Take a look at this vlog of Bella and myself walking along after eating at Grand Central.


We have always enjoyed going to Cherry Hill ever since our girls were young. With its giant grass area with a small park.


In a beautiful village just outside Ely is a park. This village is Pymoor and we have had a great time at this park.


This park ranks nearly top for Jasmin as it is the one she got to see me sliding down the zip wire. This is in a little village near Ely called Little Downham, it is based just past the village hall.


This one is our weekly favourite in the summer after we have been to Irish dancing.


Sadly this one isn’t as fun as it used to be. But this is a park the girls often request to go to, and very lucky to have Sainsbury and Aldi close by. This park is located within Ely country park, and it is called pocket park.


This has to be top as the girls often mention this day. we decided to leave pocket park and go into Ely Country Park, it was amazing to watch the girls have so much fun.


Wherever my family is, as no matter there is memories of love.

Written by Amy Carney

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