Loneliness and heartbreak

I sit here alone, loving the sound of the girls laughing and giggling. My wonderful husband is at work earning for his family. I sit here on my own, realising I have no one to message, no one to call and that I am on my own.

Since being little I’ve hated feeling alone, due to this I have tried with the wrong people. But now I’m having to restart with relationships, the people I used to turn to their backs now turned.

Watching all my friends have amazing relationships with their mum’s, whilst my mum never stood for me or tried to understand why I was so upset. Knowing their relationships makes me envious, they are amazing and we often chat about how lucky they are.

Often feeling daft for my feelings of loneliness and heartbreak as I have a perfect (well nearly) husband and amazing daughters. Feel as if I need to stop telling people that there’s something wrong, when really the only issue we have is financial. A lot of my issues are from my past and me bringing them into the future by wishing for the perfect family.

Yet do I actually know what one of them is?? Unless I break the circle there is a chance my babies will end up feeling the same way.

Remember our children are a reflection of ourselves!

Written by Amy Carney

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