What’s harder stay at home mum or working mum?

So I have been both of these and will be placing my honest opinion of which is harder!! If I’m honest both are as hard and as easy as each other!!

Taking care of the children

Well as a mum 24 hours on call if you are working or not! This is the worst guilt we get as working mums. “Well you’re not looking after your children”, well actually we do! If, a child is ill the mum cannot go to work this means they have to call in. With this repercussions will happen, this includes never having sick days for yourself, getting behind on work and much more. Yet working mums get the chance to be themselves, they get human connection on more than just the school run or the miracle coffee morning, and they get to have a coffee that is hot!

Having time

As a mum that gets to be at home with our babies one thing we do get the chance of choosing our own schedule. Where as when working if you cannot get the day off you will have to miss a child’s event. Even though this is an advantage it does mean there is not break from babies. Also keeping a house perfect is extremely hard when we have children running around pulling everything out behind us.


One of the things Anth and I have found the hardest is the loss of my wage. This is one thing that leads to an at home mum feeling guilty as they find it hard to contribute to the home. Where as with a mum working, your children can have nearly everything.

This is just a quick glimpse into the differences.

Written by Amy Carney

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