Should you let your children watch Disney Princess movies?

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Today I read an article on how famous people are not allowing their children to watch disney movies, because it puts fake ideas in children’s minds. Sitting here with my 2 homeschoolers watching Hercules*, this made me think that are they really helpless damsels. With this thought let’s look at 2 top Princess movies and see if we can see what they see, or if we can see it in a light which will show how much these are needed in a child’s life.

The Little Mermaid*

A young girl, the youngest sibling of 6. She feels the need for the freedom her older siblings have had. Due to the death of her mother, their father has become extremely over protective. Rather than explaining this to his daughter he gets angry and frustrated at her. This then causing both of them to come to logger heads, not talking, not listening just shouting. Sadly this leaves the father feeling deflated and that his daughter does not understand something that he has not explained. This also leaves the daughter feeling that her father wants to control her and not understanding his fear.

With this the daughter goes towards the one danger her father does not wish for her to go towards. As a result the daughter gets further and further from danger, even having her voice removed so she could not inform anyone of the danger she is in. Luckily she has friends that recognise this danger and stay around to support, even after the many attempts she makes to push them away.

During this time she finds a love, but rather than him saving her, she has to save him from doing the wrong thing. By marring someone that can hurt him in the future. All she has to do is be brave and win her voice back, as soon as she has this courage and tells the prince she wins his love back. With this his dad realised what danger she had been in and comes to her aid. This time the father finds himself trying to save his daughter but ends up placing his self in trouble, for the daughter having to face her actions and rectifying them herself. Saving all in the end, for her to end up living her happily ever after.

The morale of the story isn’t just about love, but it also about how our parents are towards their children. If the father had been honest with his child in the first place she would likely of understood. Also it is about being controlled, as she left her father’s control just to go into someone’s control. At least with her father’s control she had her own voice, with the new ‘witch’ she lost her voice and with this her courage. It was only in the face of her love being in danger that her courage was regained, along with her voice. So basically “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side”


This is one of the major ones that people say when they think of Princesses. Yet really it’s a sad story, the young girl loses her mother when young. As most young girls will say their mum teaches them the most important things in their life. Not just that they say there is no better love than a mothers love. Luckily she had a dad that loved her and even though he was away for long periods of time leaving the child to be brought up by other people, he doted on her when around. Yet, this could not replace the love she would of felt missing!

Then after a long trip her father introduces her to his new wife, a women she does not know and has not met. With hope, as her mother taught her, she thought she would finally have that love that wasn’t there when her father was away. But this instead lead to emotional abuse of being used as a slave and being treated as a second class citizen in her own home. The home to her was built for her mother and father to bring her up with all the dreams that had been made for her.

As her time is short with her father, she doesn’t want to make him sad and keeps the truth from him. Her father ends up dying and she is then treated as a slave and never to see happiness. In hope a person helps her to finally leave the help, which she finds true love. Being afraid of what her stepmother will do she continues to act normal and dreaming of the day her love will help her. Her love comes to her aid and again she finds the courage to show actions of rejection to her stepmother.

This isn’t to show that they needed a man to come to their rescue, but they needed them emotional support to be brave enough to speak up to the neglect and mistreatment they have received. This didn’t just come as a man, for Little mermaid this come as a crab, fish and bird as well as the prince. For Cinderella this came to her in the form of a woman, some mice, a dog and a horse, again as well as the prince.

Don’t read the story as it was only the love of the prince that saved them, there was a team and a team is key.

Written by Amy Carney.

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