Keeping up an appearance

Hope you haven’t click thinking this is about the old TV show! If, you have continue to read but that is not where it’s going.

As a mum of 3 beautiful daughters, one of the first things we learn is how to keep up an appearance. People most likely think I mean pretending everything is ok when it’s not. Well sort of, but not entirely. Following us on YouTube will show you that.

I am very honest about our life and what is going on. There is something’s that are not discussed as it is not my place to give out this information.

One thing that I personally have been noticing a lot over social media is people being attacked for their appearance or people saying that appearance shouldn’t matter. This frustrates me as it is drummed into us from a child, and it all starts with the spit rag. How many Mum’s can say they haven’t worried about a child repeating what they have said, or a child’s choice of clothing, or even which friends they have chosen to hang out with?

This is it we are all trained from young to keep up an appearance. But why because as an adult you learn how quick a simple child’s “mum and I had a fight today” turns into a load of questions for the mum. But this wasn’t a fight like that teacher thought, see if the teacher hadn’t become suspicious they may have noticed the giggles behind her.

Yet it’s not just teachers, how many times have you sat there listening to your neighbours and thought that didn’t sound right. Yet the noises when they was an issue you ignore and turn your tv up.

This is why we learn to keep up appearances. Afraid of social services and how they could come in and snatch our children at any moment. Ok, that was a bit dramatic but you understand what I’m saying. So the next time you comment a negative comment about a mum, or a child remember you’re keeping up an appearance to!

Written by Amy Carney

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