Get more for your money

So today whilst shopping in Aldi again I was complimented on how much I managed to buy for £76. My trolley was again nearly over flowing, and this was a new for me as well. The strange thing was before shopping with one of my homeschoolers and giving her a budget I never thought of doing it this way.

We shop mainly for meals first, then we shop for the extras. Due to my money coming in weekly our homeschoolers and myself go shopping every Wednesday. After all the bills are paid I work out that week’s budget and we go shopping.

When I say we shop for meals first, this will be just the 7 days ahead no more or less. Then the rest is snack food, this includes fruit, savoury and junk.

Whilst walking around the shop we always keep count, this will be done by the pound. So if something is £1.59 that becomes £2, if something is £1.19 that stays a £1. But if you but 3 items for £1.19 then add an extra £1 on. You will find this will soon mean you’re under spending on your budget.

Let us know how you get on.

Written by Amy Carney

After writing this I found a better way!

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