Anxiety and school

Since Jennifer was little she has had anxiety. I have been asked by a very good friend to place into words our story about Jennifer. At the moment this friend has a child with similar anxiety issues.

From a young age, Jennifer was poorly when she was around 4 this illness got worse. We started to be in attendance, of the hospital often. During this time Jennifer was starting her first school, this should have been an exciting time. She was off so much, but the school were fantastic allowed her to sleep when she needed it. This meant she could stay in school, at this time in life I believed that school was the only option.

We then moved areas and they had to change schools, this was the biggest mistake we ever made! The next school they went to, the girls had Hell! I ended up homeschooling them, and Jennifer’s anxiety started. Whilst at this school Jennifer was hit, Jasmin was called names and Jennifer was even threatened. For a mum this hard but not the worst of what happened.

I was convinced by the family that homeschooling is not the right and I need to place them back into school. This is a decision I regret, schools now are more concerned about budgets and performance than an actual child.

Even though Jennifer grew well under the teacher, under the headmaster she did not. He did not understand her anxiety, to the point he made me feel like a bad mum for taking her psychiatrist appointment. To him, some of the things that upset Jennifer were petty and immature. She started to refuse school again, one day he even dared call my baby a lier to her face. I couldn’t believe it, I saw how this broke my extremely honest little girl’s heart!

I was ready to explode, I managed to look at him and through gritted teeth inform him I will deal with him soon. Jennifer doesn’t cry she keeps all her emotions in, but I could see how much it had hurt her.

the next day I informed him the girls will not be returning as we are moving to Ely. We placed them into a school like Jennifer had started in kind, nurturing and with understanding teachers. This meant Jennifer’s attendance went up, no complaints every day of stomach aches (only when her ibs or tummy bug was present), no more headaches and even the nosebleeds stopped.

Then we started secondary school, it all returned. My heart broke as Anth and I knew there wasn’t any college around here that care for their students or are small enough to control her anxiety. This left us with 1 option homeschooling.

As I sit here writing this Jennifer is laughing, smiling, talking to me and healthy.

This book we used to help Jennifer, it is an affliated link


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