Homework during the holidays!

Hi CrazyFam

As you all know we are on holiday this week at the fantastic Parkdean holiday camp Cherry Tree. Whilst here we plan to have an amazing family time without the pressures of home.

This is already becoming an issue as Jasmin has brought her laptop and Bella has brought her list of spellings. But hold on when I’m not working, I don’t take my laptop on holiday nor do I take a list of working things for me to do! It’s an important time for me to enjoy being with my family. Yet, my girls 1 being as young as 5 are worried about not getting told off!

This for me is disturbing, especially as we are training our children just to work! It is proven that this is causing mental health issues in adults, so what is it doing to our children. I often feel now that school is a way for many parents to get rid of their children, as it was for me when money was the key in our life.


Yet, unlike our children when we are on holiday that is it a holiday (unless you run your own business). But our children aren’t fully on holiday, to be honest, they have more stress than I do to keep their bosses happy. Well, I no longer have a boss, well apart from you reading this. Cracking the emotional whip of they have to do the best for the school or you’re not going to make your bosses look good.

This is one of the main reasons pushing me toward homeschooling. Even though Bella’s primary school is amazing and extremely supportive of her and me. The pressure the government forces on them to place pressure on our babies is unbelievable. The schools aren’t the place that the change needs to happen it’s with the government and their idea of the way they learnt was the only way.

Written by Amy Carney

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