Overweight at a Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park

Hi CrazyFam,

Over the school holidays we went away to Great Yarmouth, we stayed at Cherry Tree holiday camp. This we have done many times throughout my life, let alone our girls. I love theme parks and I am extremely excited every time we go.

I have always been on the larger size, but just lately I have gone back to just below my largest size. Sadly the thought on my mind was of this majority of the day! But it shouldn’t have been, all staff were amazing. My comments of ”are you sure I’m not too big?” Were taken as if I had been rude to them and not about myself.

One staff member even said, ”no your perfect to have fun.” I have never felt so relaxed about my weight size, yet feeling I was just too big. With this in mind after loads of rides and meeting up with my mum, niece and nephew, I went on the flying swings.


Getting onto the ride my girls, Anth and Freya cheered me on, knowing that I would be anxious. As walking on the member of staff asked if I was mum. Replying with a giggly ”yes, are you sure I’m not too big”. He created me with a massive smile and simply replied: ”your family are waiting ”.

With this comfort and now yearning to be with my beautiful family (that includes Freya). Reaching the chair, lifting the safety bar, leaning back, oh no, I’m not getting out. The feeling of the fat on my sides going through the railings of the chair, I wanted to cry. We did the clip the staff member smiled, Anth reached for my hand and I was still holding back the tears.

Then we started, all the horrible thoughts going through my head. Omg, this chair could break and I will fly through the sky like the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. Then we were flying, the breeze was going through our hair, Freya trying to keep her shoe on, Bella giggling so much, Jennifer and Jasmin spreading their arms like angel wings and my amazing husband watching us all with pure happiness in his eyes.

As the ride went down them thoughts of my weight were gone, all I could think about was how I enjoyed that so much with these beautiful people. How free I felt whilst in the air, how loved I felt by the joy of my children, and how happy it made Anth seeing me happy.

Thank you to Pleasurewood Hills and their amazing team.

Written by Amy Carney

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