Birth control

As every woman knows one of the first things we are asked once we become personally active is, “how will you protect your self for unplanned pregnancies”. This is extremely important for financial, living conditions and relationships with partner and people around you. I have been protected for many years, and this was because we would not have been able to financially support any more children. Even though we would love to have more, but now Anth has had the snip that’s no longer an option.

Well, to start my journey on the birth control I started with the pill. I stayed on the pill until after having my middle daughter Jasmin. As I was frustrated with taking a pill every day the implant sounded so much more relaxed.

I had this in for 3 years, during this time I had many upsetting months due to the implant. I then had this replaced by a new implant one. This was in only a year and a half when I realized something was not agreeing with me. I had the implant removed and went back on the pill. Within 9 months I was pregnant within Bella.

After having Bella we decided I would have the implant back.

I totally forgot that I had an implant in, it would take nearly 6 years from having it put in, to me having it removed. The last 6 months were hell, I found out that the implant has a few side effects when it starts to expires. Within 24 hours all the medical problems I had started to side. I felt less tired, less angry and many other issues.

With this I decided to no longer be on birth control. But as I said before ensure to have the correct circumstances before you decide on this action.

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