Emotions are real

One thing I’ve noticed is the government forcing many sectors to do marketing on mental health.  During my time working within the government influenced businesses mental health is not important.  This has been felt by myself on a personal level, as well as a business level. On a personal level I have sat there whilst the GP has had to rush through a appointment, not because they didn’t care but because they were worried about the backfire running over can do!  But then when working for government firms they talk about how making sure your not over worked, yet they don’t have the budget to provide with any more staff.  This is seen sadly across all sectors as the public abuse many staff members, the amount of work they are expected to do and the money is not very good all come into a factor of government staff having struggles with their mental health!

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Bella enjoying one of lives joys!

If, you are a #CrazyFam you would know that we have removed Jennifer our oldest from school.  Jennifer, would beg us to not send her to school. she would also say how school made her feel like she doesn’t understand anything.  How teachers even after her saying she didn’t understand, they would not provide her with further assistance.  This is one thing I find hard, as a mum this breaks my heart.

But as a mum I knew how important school was for social education.  Then I thought about it they are told “Don’t talk”, “No helping each other”, “get on with your own work”.  When you think of every time a teacher has said this to your son, daughter or even you.  I, then thought why am I sending her just for social reasons.

One of her bad days, the school asked me to bring her in when she refused to.  As they had requested that I took her in, as I knew schools had more authority than me, and me being afraid of their power.  As I had seen it before how they can twist the wording, but this had also been taught to me by my extended family’s treatment towards me.

When I sat with the teacher and she said “this won’t be good for her anxiety or the school”. I knew then her emotions didn’t matter to them and she was just a statistic.

So, when I say the government is just marketing, that is it.  Their statistics are more important to them, which causes the schools to put this as a priority.  There is only very few schools I have found that priorities the children, and these are failing Ofsted. This is where only some children suit school and some children don’t.

Just Remember to listen to your child/ren.  I have always felt alone and not heard, this is a promise to never allow my girls to feel this pain.

Written by Amy Carney

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