Welcome CrazyFam

Hi CrazyFam,

Welcome to our website, here you will find mummy and daughter blogs about our world. If, you are new and you don’t know who we are I will introduce you to our wonderful family below.

We are living in Ely, Cambridgeshire, this is in East Anglia. East Anglia is the most east point of England. We love to spend time together and learn new things together, as well as chill out with some of the coolest people we know. Our dream is to be able to afford things without worrying as well as experience a lot more this world has to offer. Wondering why we are called Crazy Carneys well come over and you will find why Jennifer’s friend gave us this fun nickname.

I’m Amy, the mum of Crazy Carneys. Being me and sharing the world I love!
This is Anth, he is the dad of Crazy Carneys. His as mad as the mad hatter!
This is Jennifer, she is a rare siting. She’s a typical teen with her phone and headphones!
This is Jasmin, you will always see her the Craziest of us all
This is Bella, she is the most confident and loving life you would ever see anyone, apart from Jasmin.

If you forget we do also have our YouTube channel, don’t forget to subscribe!